Trampoline with a Basketball Hoop & The 10 Best Picks

Who doesn’t love a two in one offer? You’ll be glad to know that a basic trampoline with a basketball hoop can come together in one package. In addition to lending you a bouncy trampoline, it lets you play basketball while jumping like a pro player.

You can give some purpose to your jumping when you get a hoop to go with your trampoline. So, if you’re planning to invest in a trampoline already, we keenly encourage you to pick one that has a basketball hoop hinged to it. To make your life easier, we have added a list of the top trampolines with basketball hoops. Let’s have a look.

10. Kids Mini Trampoline With Basketball Hoop

Product Description: If you’re here to get a trampoline suitable for your toddler, then make sure to check out this model. 

Product Design and Quality: Featuring a dimension of 5 feet, this model is certain to fit into any corner of your home, office, or outdoor.  What’s more convincing for you is that its legs have rubber protectors for absolute stability and security of your child. 

Product Features: 

  • Load capacity is 100 lbs
  • 5 feet trampoline space
  • Rubber draped legs 
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9. XSLY Trampoline with Basketball Hoop 

Product Description: Its construction is super strong and guaranteed to withstand the roughest use.

Product Design and Quality: The bounce mat is made of sturdy PVC material and the frame is made of rust-free steel. The mat has double-layer galvanized springs inside. 

Product Features: 

  • Load capacity is 128 lbs
  • 5 feet trampoline space 
  • Construction has anti-rust and sunscreen properties
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8. Eastsun Tested Trampoline with Enclosed Basketball Hoop

Product Description: Take your family fun to another level with this 14 feet trampoline. It occupies sufficient space to let you play on it with your partner and kids.

Design and Quality: For climbing amenity, it comes with a 2 step ladder. The ladder steps are even made with tiny knurls so that your kid doesn’t slip while climbing.

Product Features:

  • Load capacity is 264 lbs
  • 14 feet trampoline space
  • Powder-coated tubes 
[lasso rel="eastsun-14ft-outdoor-garden-powder-coated-trampoline-with-basketball-hoop-ladder-and-enclosure-astm-f381-astm-f2225-tested" id="1433"]

7. Velocidad Pink Trampoline Toy with Basketball Hoop

Product Link: If you’re stalking for an option to entice your little girl who loves the color pink; then we can vouch this model from Velocidad Garden is sure to live up to her fancy. 

Design and Quality: Featuring a pretty shade of pink, this model is specially made with little girls in mind. Its protective net is deftly knitted and ensures the highest durability. 

Product Features:

  • Load capacity is 300 lbs
  • 5 feet jumping space
  • Bounce mat carries maximum elasticity
[lasso rel="velocidad-garden-childrens-rebounder-bounce-trampoline-fitness-home-toy-bouncing-bed-guard-net-and-basketball-hooppink-150x125cm" id="1434"]

6. Exacme Outdoor Variety Height Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

Product Description: With this model, you can get any size of trampoline you want. So those of you, who’re looking for a specific size, this model is here for your attention. 

Product Design and Quality: It boasts a pretty sleek design. What’s more impressive is it each pole comes padded and has two quick clamps to prevent any potential risk.

Product Features:

  • Load capacity is 335 lbs
  • Comes with a series of size choices
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
[lasso rel="exacme-outdoor-trampoline-with-basketball-hoop-and-enclosure-ladder" id="592"]

5. Skywalker N’ Dunk Enclosure Net Plus Basketball Hoop

Product Description: When budget is your concern yet you don’t want to compromise the quality, then look no further than this model with 3 year long warranty. 

Product Design and Quality: Although average looking, this model is raved for its long-lasting stability. To confirm that, the Skywalker engineers even used the rust-resistant springs inside it. 

Product Features: 

  • Load capacity is 400 lbs
  • 12 feet of jumping surface 
  • Rust and fade resistant quality
[lasso rel="skywalker-trampolines-12-foot-jump-n-dunk-trampoline-with-enclosure-net-basketball-trampoline-red" id="1435"]

4. Outdoor Trampoline with Enclosed Basketball Hoop 

Product Description: If you intend to have a basketball match on a trampoline with all your friends, then this 16-foot model is here to serve you.

Design and Quality: A total of 108 galvanized and 90 high-tension trampoline springs together effectively bring the utmost bouncy yet 100% secure jumping surface for you. 

Product Features:

  • Load capacity is 331 lbs
  • Has a spacious 16 feet trampoline space
  • Comes with wear and tear-resistant mat 
[lasso rel="16ft-trampoline-outdoor-trampoline-with-safety-enclosure-net-basketball-hoop" id="540"]

3. 14 ft Trampoline with Basketball Hoop for Kids and Adults

Product Description: If you happen to be a really choosy person and always tend to pick only the best looking items for you, then this one is sure to fit into your world.  

Design and Quality: Its coiled springs extend its bounciness and rust-resistant construction material extend its stability.  It also comes with a convenient ladder to climb on.

Product Features:

  • Load capacity is 330 lbs
  • 14 feet jumping space
  • Comes with a warranty of 5 year 
  • Poles have unique weatherproof padding
[lasso rel="14ft-trampoline-with-safety-enclosure-net-basketball-hoop-and-ladder-backyard-bounce-jump-trampoline-for-kids-and-adults" id="1436"]

2. 15ft Trampoline with Ladder and Basketball Hoop for Kids and Adults

Product Description: This model would be an amazing addition to your backyard or garden. Its construction contains every quality to ensure its outdoor sustainability for years. 

Design and Quality: Boasting an imposing silhouette, it carries some amazing features. Its bounce mat is UV protected, its net is tear-resistant and the frame is fade and rust-resistant. 

Product Features:

  • Load capacity is 330 lbs
  • 15 feet super bouncy trampoline space
  • Carries an upright weather-resistant quality 
  • Also packs a convenient 3 step ladder 
[lasso rel="15ft-trampoline-with-safety-enclosure-net-basketball-hoop-and-ladder-backyard-bounce-jump-trampoline-for-kids-and-adults" id="1437"]

1. ORCC Basketball Trampoline with Ladder and Basketball Hoop

Product Description: Our number one recommendation is not only superior in quality but also its look, features, and functionality together sure to leave you in awe of it. 

Design and Quality: It comes with a nice and sophisticated profile. Speaking of quality, its bounce mat has double-layered stitching, and its frame is made with the latest hot-dip-galvanizing technology. Moreover, it also carries a 3 step ladder for easy access. 

Product Features:

  • Load capacity is 400 lbs
  • Comes with 3 size choices (12/14/15 feet)
  • Materials are waterproof, plus fade and UV-resistant
  • Bounce mat packs a unique anti-noise property
[lasso rel="orcc-kids-trampoline-15ft-14ft-12ft-basketball-trampoline-maximum-weight-capacity-400lbs-with-safety-enclosure-net-ladder-rain-cover-basketball-hoop-and-ball-round-trampoline-for-backyard" id="1438"]

Final Thoughts On The Best Trampolines With a Basketball Hoop

You really can't fail with any trampoline with a basketball hoop.We hope our efforts have been of some help to you. We hope that when you decide on whatever trampoline you want, that you and your kids have the time of your lives slamming the ball like Lebron James. If you're looking for a larger selection of trampolines, look no further!

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