Jump Zone Trampoline Review – Is This For You?

Trampolines are excellent entertainment sources that can keep your kids happy and keep them away from digital devices. Many trampoline brands are good, but some are better than others. In this article, we’ll take a look at Jump Zone trampoline. Jump zone trampolines aren’t the best through their feature sets, but they’re great choices in respect to the features and quality they provide for what you need to pay.

Below is our review of the 14’ variation of the Jump Zone trampoline because we think that it’s the most optimized and is likely to suit most households. Let’s jump into the review, shall we?

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Jump Zone Trampoline Review:

Needless to say, Jump Zone trampolines are made to offer quality above average, and they’re priced accordingly as well. If you buy a Jump Zone trampoline, then you won’t have to regret making that decision if you’re looking for something affordable.

However, if you’re looking for the best trampoline the market has to offer, then perhaps you should look at some other options. Bear in mind that the trampolines that offer even slightly better quality cost a lot more. It would help if you were sure whether you want to spend that extra buck or not.

With that said, let’s jump into the details. Trust me, above average is more than enough for trampolines. You’ll be getting a trampoline that’s made of top-quality steel, which will ensure the durability of that trampoline. No matter how hard you or your family members jump on it, the trampoline won’t topple.

Another positive side of this is longevity. Steel is highly corrosive, and most trampolines that are made of steel corrode very fast. As many people will be keeping their trampoline outdoors, there’s a high chance that they will come in contact with water.

This only exacerbates the condition by increasing their likeliness of being corroded. This is where the trampolines from Jump Zone outshine their competitors. The high-quality steel used to make this trampoline keeps it corrosion-free for a very long time. Then again, if you want to go the extra mile to keep them safe, then you can use special lubricants that keep steel products from corrosion.

Other than that, these trampolines can bear a lot of weight. Trust me; you don’t want a trampoline to break down while the kids are jumping. If the trampoline breaks down, then there’s a chance that the people using it will suffer from serious injury.

This is why we highly recommend all of our readers to settle for a trampoline that offers great durability. This is where trampolines from Jump Zone shines. It’s not possible to get a better build quality from any other trampolines available.

If you’re going to install the trampoline indoors, then you might be conscious about whether the trampoline will damage the floor or not. If the trampoline legs are made entirely out of steel, they end up damaging and scratching the floor.

However, these trampolines from Jump Zone are equipped with plastic at the bottom. This building design helps keep your floor safe if you install it indoors. Then again, as the rest of the trampoline legs are made of steel, it’s quite durable and offers a high weight capacity.

One common thing everyone looks for while buying quality trampolines is the quality of padding. Padding keeps the user safe from the steel and other tough spots. The better the padding, the more protected you will be.
However, no padding can reduce the impact damage by 100%. This is why it’s recommended to remain cautious while using a trampoline.

Even then, padding can reduce the impact damage by a great percentage. This is why we highly recommend getting a well-padded trampoline. Jump Zone trampolines don’t disappoint here either.

The foam pads used to pad the trampoline’s steel materials, and other hard materials are extremely thick and plush. These foam pads will do a great job at minimizing impact damage, all the more reasons why you should pick this trampoline.

Another amazing factor about this trampoline is that it’s made of UV-resistant materials. The cloth, the padding surface, and every other component of this trampoline is made of UV-resistant materials.

This will help keep them safe even if they are exposed to sunlight for an extended time. If you’re planning on keeping your trampoline outdoors, then probably you’ll be better off with this one, as it won’t decay that much with time.

Every material decay if kept outside exposed to water, sunlight, and air. However, the decay rate of this trampoline is extremely low, which is why we recommend it.

One downside of this trampoline is that it doesn’t offer a high load capacity. The recommended capacity of this trampoline is 100 pounds. We’ve talked to people who have exceeded that to some extent, and the trampoline remained intact.

Even then, we don’t recommend doing that. Such a restricting load capacity makes this a special trampoline only to be used by children. We highly discourage adults from using it. However, if you’ve two or three children, it’s safe for them to use this trampoline at the same time if they can manage to find the space.

Another amazing factor about this trampoline is the safety net. The net is held firmly with the help of a few sticks, and the build quality of these sticks is great.

This safety net makes this trampoline much more children-safe than any other trampoline out there. The net is durable and firm. Unlike the net found in some cheaper trampoline models, these are capable of keeping your children inside the safety zone.


  • Durable steel build.
  • UV resistant materials make it long-lasting even outdoors.
  • Corrosion-resistant hardware.
  • A firm safety net for keeping your children inside the safety zone.
  • Springs are well crafted, and they won’t damage the floor.
  • Heavy padding for minimizing impact damage.


  • The weight capacity is only 100 pounds.
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The feature-set that this Jump Zone trampoline offers is interesting. It sure misses out on some features found only in the expensive trampolines, and it’s pretty restricting with the capacity. Even then, we highly recommend it because it offers more than what any other trampoline of this price range offers.

This is why we highly recommend getting this trampoline if you’re on a budget. Then again, if you’re looking for a trampoline made for kids, this is the perfect choice for you. However, if you’re looking for one that adults can use too, you’re better off with something that offers higher capacity.


Looking for the perfect trampoline for your home can be tough. We highly recommend taking different factors like who it is for, the average age and weight of the users, places where you’ll install it, etc. before actually buying these.

If you get one for yourself without considering these facts, chances are that you’ll end up with a product that you won’t be able to use. So, please keep these in mind before making the purchase.

Ian Warner

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