FunZ Trampoline Park & Everything You Need to Know

There is no one who would turn down an opportunity to have fun or enjoy their time with friends or family. FunZ Trampoline Park can be a great place for excitement and spending quality time with your friends and family. With interesting games and challenges, this place is definitely more than just jumping on trampolines, that too, for all ages. 

This place has become popular for obvious reasons. This entertainment complex comes with challenges and fun games for the entire family under one roof. You can definitely count on FunZ Trampoline Park to provide a perfect fun weekend or holidays with your family or friends. You can be sure that along with your kids, all of you adults will have the time of your lives with this entertaining park. 

FunZ Trampoline Park Games

You'll feel like a child the very moment you step in the Funz Trampoline Park, no matter what your age is. This indoor place arranges thrill for all ages. No matter if you are hoping to dunk like the aces, stick, and climb on the Spider Walls, or take pleasure in exploring the Play Zones.  The FunZ Trampoline Park is sure to be your best destination on weekends.

Situated in King’s Plaza, New Bedford, the Funz Trampoline Park flaunts a massive, far-reaching 48,000 square feet of trampolines, rock climbing, foam pits, bubble balls, slides, spider walls that extend more towards basketball, obstacle courses, dodgeball, few ninja courses, and battle beam jousting.

There are settlements for 60 -120 minutes of trampoline jumping, for different heights and ages. The normal weight limit set for a person to enjoy the trampoline is around 250 pounds. Purchasing and putting on jump socks is needed to get your fun day started in FunZ Trampoline Park, since you will not be allowed to wear shoes right from the moment you get in. 

FunZ Trampoline Park Kid’s Play Zone

Apart from these several different activities, this trampoline park includes exciting features for toddlers. If you visit the play area with your little child, the toddler playground has arrangements for you too. You will gladly enjoy yourself with the video arcade, several billiard tables, and a build-a-block theme. This play area includes massage chairs as well if you just want to give your toddler company without playing any activity. 

This amazing fun park has been running in full swing for the past two years. 

Safety Concerns at Funz Trampoline Park

When you go somewhere to enjoy yourself, especially if you have children along with you, safety is the first concern that needs to be ensured. The FunZ Trampoline Park ensures to take all the necessary safety measures for you and your family to have a memorable time in a clean space.

This vast park has set twenty-five surveillance cameras to ensure optimum security while you enjoy your time there. They include a core team, all of them are certified in CPR, who are on their toes to keep a vigilant eye around the rooms every now and then. They roam around the play areas and monitor the activities and proceedings from time to time. 


Located in multiple places including:

They are set to open its franchise and branches in different other locations. The authority has decided to expand its franchise. Due to the pandemic, the operations of FunZ Trampoline Park are on hold to ensure maximum safety of their customers and staff. 

Funz Trampoline Park Pricing

1.General Pricing:

The pricing of the games at FunZ Trampoline Park is set according to different time limits of the games. According to the regular pricing arrangements:

•The cost for a 60-minute jump is $15.00

•The cost for a 90-minute jump is $20.00

•The cost for a 120-minute jump is $25.00

A person has to be under 250 pounds to avail of these bouncing activities. Military personnel has a discount of 15% on all the prices. Day-long passes to spend the entire day in the FunZ Trampoline Park are available in addition to the regular costs of each activity.

2.Pricing for Toddlers:

The pricing is a little lower for the toddlers. According to the pricing set for toddlers on each activity by the time limit:

•The cost for a 60 Minute Jump is $8.00

•The cost for a 90 Minute Jump is $11.00

•The cost for a 120 Minute Jump is $14.00

The maximum height limit for toddlers is 42 inches. Any child with a height of 42 inches and below that margin is applicable to avail the prices set for toddlers. Any child above this height limit, however, will be counted under the regular cost at the FunZ Trampoline Park. 

3.Jump Socks:

Since wearing jump socks are mandatory to get in the FunZ Trampoline Park, jump socks are available at the sight for sale. Each pair of jump socks can be found at only $2.50 at the entertainment center.  These jump socks are allowed to be reused if anyone is revisiting them. 

4.Arrangement of Fees for Accompanying Adults:

Although the participation of every member is highly encouraged by the FunZ Trampoline Park authority, fees are not applicable for the adults who will not be joining in the activities, rather just will be accompanying their kids to the park. 

That means if you only wish to accompany your child, but do not wish to join in any activity, there will be no fees for you. You only have to pay for your child. 

Opening Hours at Funz Trampoline

1.Summer Timing:

For the months of June to August, FunZ Trampoline Park stays open at their summer timing schedule which is, from 10 am to 9 pm from Sunday through Thursday. This indoor fun center remains open till 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. 

2.Winter Timing:

The timings from September to May are set in a different pattern. 

•3 pm to 9 pm from Monday-Wednesday 

•12 pm to 9 pm on Thursdays

•12 pm to 11 pm on Fridays

•10 am to 11 pm on Saturdays

•10 am to 9 pm on Sundays

Final Thoughts 

There is no limit to fun in FunZ Trampoline Park and you can visit their site to learn more.. They promise to provide you a quality time with your family and friends. Make sure you check there website for adjust hours and closures from Covid before you attend. 

Otherwise, the trampoline park is one of the best you can go to. You can't go wrong with most trampoline parks. They are all fun but what puts this one on top is how much more you can do once your inside. If you want to avoid the crowded parks you can always
buy your own trampoline. 

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