Bounce Pro My First Trampoline – Go Get It!

Bounce Pro: My First Trampoline

Everyone has fond memories of their childhoods, and some of these may contain memories about your very first trampolines. Parents all over the world want to provide the best for their kids, no matter the cost. They want to create the same fond memories for their kids to remember when they grow older.

Trampolines are fun for kids as they can spend hours bouncing around and trying all kinds of stunts. But you also want to make sure that they are provided with some safety as trampolines may also be a bit of a safety hazard. Bounce Pro: My First Trampoline is our recommendation for every reckless little monster out there. You can try it out as well. Depending on the age groups they have been designed for, trampolines vary in size, shape, and features.

To determine whether the Bounce Pro would be perfect for your child, check out the information below.

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Suitable Age Groups

You want to find a trampoline suitable for your kid's age group and something that can also support their weight. This specific trampoline can provide joy to kids between 3 to 10-year-olds, and it can handle a maximum weight of a least a hundred pounds, so anything above may cause it to snap.

For parents who want to build a medium for self-support in their children, this may be perfect as they have no ladders to climb onto, so they have to get up on their own.

Will It Last?

As far as endurance goes, this trampoline will shine through any kind of torture that a ten-year-old kid can throw at it. This trampoline has also been designed with many features that boost its overall durability to keep the long-lasting fun for your children. To get an inside look at what makes this trampoline tick, check out the points below:

  • Springs are an essential part of a trampoline as they create and provide a force that bounces kids up. To ensure that these springs don't snap suddenly due to pressure, they have been padded to provide a safe cushion for the user.
  • The frame of the trampoline needs to be strong as it is the primary support of the trampoline. As steel is likely to grow weak because of rust, it has been made from a galvanized steel frame that is highly durable against rusting.
  • Hooks make up the support that holds the padding of the trampoline. As hooks made of plastic or rubber may snap or tear under too much pressure, they need to be made from more robust materials. That is where the steel hooks come into play, as they are stronger than your basic trampoline hooks.

Is Bounce Pro My First Trampoline Difficult To Assemble?

Assembling any product can be hectic if you don't know what you are doing, and this is especially true for many parents. But with the Bounce Pro: My First Trampoline, you won't face such an issue as long as you follow the manual correctly.

All you need to focus on is aligning the holes properly, and if any holes are mismatched, you may analyze the manual in the wrong way, and if they still don't fit, this issue can be resolved by making the adjustments that you feel are needed.

If you are worried about it taking too long to be built, then erase your worries as you only need an hour to complete the building process. And if it's still taking too long to build, then you can speed it up by working in pairs.

To assemble the Bounce Pro: My First Trampoline you will be provided with the necessary tools although you are free to use your own and as long as the whole frame has been attached properly then the structure will be sound.

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What Are The Points That Stand Out?

Like many products in the market, this product has certain features that make it unique. To get an understanding of these features, these are the points that stand out:

  • As most trampolines are placed outdoors, you may not utilize them if the weather outside is terrible. This trampoline can handle both indoor and outdoor use as it is a versatile product.
  • If you are afraid of the frames scratching your precocious floors, then worry not, as this trampoline is lined with firm yet soft plastic material at the bottom. The softness doesn't mean that the frame is less sturdy, as it can still handle the weight of anyone bouncing on it.
  • Children enjoy all kinds of unique shapes and bright colors, and this trampoline is made of just that. It features a wide hexagonal shape enough for anyone to bounce on with a bright-looking color pallet of blue and green that is pleasant to the eye.
  • The mesh net is made from a strong material with an elastic texture that provides enough force and tension for kids to bounce on without the fabric tearing from too much pressure. It holds on to the hooks and bounces them back up with enough force considered to be safe.

How Safe Is The Bounce Pro: My First Trampoline?

To ensure your kids have a fun, danger-free experience on a trampoline, you should keep it on the completely plain ground as any bump may cause it to keel over and harm your kids. It would help if you also kept it close to your vicinity as you will be more properly able to keep an eye on them. As long as you follow these two steps, this trampoline should be safe for use.

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Final Thoughts

To keep your child enclosed in complete enjoyment, this is the perfect trampoline to occupy them with. The Bounce Pro: My First Trampoline is surely to be a trampoline that will fill your child with fond memories, so make sure that your kids have the best in having fun.

Ian Warner

Ian grew up with a huge affinity for trampolines, but his parents would never buy him one as a kid. He started this site to help share his family's trampoline journey with the world. Ian is a family man with three young children that love to climb and jump off of things. He knew that a trampoline would be a perfect addition to his family, and he wants to share that joy with others. Ian is also a 2012 Olympian and he grew up using trampolines for training.

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